About us

Baby Burrito, these are feather wraps for stylish babies and their mothers. And also fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts... In short, everyone who takes care of a baby or just raises it.

Baby Burrito is a small local brand that has set itself the task of creating a modern face for classic feather swaddling clothes, showing their versatile use and maybe even sending them out into the "world". :) It was created by a wonderful baby who is our main inspiration and motivation, and whom Burritka personally tests. His mom, who likes classics and simplicity, and who would like to spread the benefits of feather swaddles to other moms. His dad, who didn't know wraps at all, and started calling them Baby Burritos. And last but not least, our skilled seamstress, who gave the ideas their final shape.

Our grandmother made our first burrito from a cleaned duvet and unused white sheets. Not only our newborn boy (who sleeps in it, on it or under it a year later :) ) but also his surroundings immediately fell in love with it. Feather swaddles have many advantages, yet few people know about them. And that is exactly what we would like to change. Even you would sleep like a baby in the adult version of such a Burrito. :))